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City ready to meet United

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said that the star of his Norwegian team, Erling Haaland, got rid of the injury problems that have plagued his career in recent seasons, as the Spanish coach defended his club’s decision to send a physiotherapist with Halland during his stay with his country.

Haaland, who joined City from Borussia Dortmund, suffered a groin injury last season, but has participated in all seven of City’s Premier League matches so far, scoring 11 goals.

Before the Manchester City summit between City and Manchester United, the Spanish coach indicated that he considers the physiotherapy department very important because of its active role in caring for the players.

Guardiola added, “Last season, Erling suffered a lot in Dortmund. He was injured most of the season. He joined us with problems after undergoing minor surgery in the summer. He started working with Mario, with Manuel Rico and others.

City, second in the Premier League, will meet its guest and neighbor, Manchester United, fifth in the standings, on Sunday.

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