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Cleaning teeth at home in many ways

The best recipes for removing tartar from teeth at home

Oil rinser:

The recipe for removing plaque using sunflower oil or sesame oil is one of the oldest natural recipes followed by the ancient Indians to clean teeth, treat gingivitis, and remove mouth bacteria.

The recipe relies on using a small amount of oil as a mouth rinse for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, then the oil is spit out and the teeth are washed with toothpaste and brush.

Vinegar mix:

Vinegar is a powerful and quick tartar remover.

Mix a spoonful of vinegar with a full glass of warm water, and use the mixture as a daily mouthwash that helps protect the teeth from the formation of tartar layers.

Also, people who suffer from yellowing of the teeth wonder about the possibility of removing the annoying black layer using both salt and sodium bicarbonate? This is revealed by the following methods:

the salt:

Dip the wet toothbrush in sea salt or table salt, rub the teeth with it, then brush the teeth with the paste and brush.

Coarse salt can be ground until fine, and applied as a thin layer to the teeth.

It is possible to mix food salt with the paste while brushing the teeth.

Use a salt rinse and warm water to cleanse the mouth and gums as an alternative to mouthwash.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Bicarbonate is an effective treatment for teeth whitening. Studies have proven the effect of toothpaste containing sodium bicarbonate on cleaning teeth.

A small amount of sodium bicarbonate is mixed with a little warm water, where the toothbrush is dipped in the mixture and the teeth are brushed for 5 minutes, then the teeth are brushed with the appropriate paste.

It is not recommended to follow the recipe for more than 3 days per week for fear of tooth sensitivity and gingivitis.

Also use the following natural methods to remove stains and tartar from the teeth


Charcoal helps in whitening teeth quickly, especially the active charcoal available in pharmacies.

Grind the activated charcoal pills and use a spoonful of them with a spoonful of water to prepare the recipe.

Mix the ingredients and apply the charcoal recipe on the teeth using the brush, where the teeth are rubbed with charcoal for 3 minutes.

Rinse your teeth with water after the three minutes are up, until the black color is completely removed from your teeth and gums.

It is recommended to repeat the recipe three consecutive days at the beginning, then follow once a week to whiten the teeth

There are also recipes for fruit peels that are the most common. Here are the 3 most popular recipes for removing plaque using fruit peels:

Banana peels:

Banana peel is non-toxic and contains many nutrients such as fiber, potassium and protein. Teeth can be whitened using banana peels.

The teeth are rubbed with veneer for two minutes, then cleaned with the appropriate paste after a quarter of an hour has passed.

The process is repeated two or three times a week, and a clear difference is noticed after a few weeks.

Orange peel:

The inner white rind that grows below the orange-coloured layer is used in many commercial cleaning products.

Orange peels do not contain citric acid, so using them is safe on the teeth because they do not erode the enamel layer.

In order to apply the orange peel method, the orange must first be cleaned from the outside and washed well.

Rub the inner teeth with the crust, then brush the teeth with the paste.

Lemon peels:

Lemon peels can be rubbed on the teeth, then washed with paste and warm water.

Lemon juice diluted with water can be used to remove tartar from the teeth.

It is recommended to use one or both methods twice a week.

There are also recipes for removing plaque with the following herbs, a wonderful experience for those looking for home teeth whitening methods:


It is used through the use of ground with soda bicarbonate, where the teeth are rubbed with the mixture for three minutes, then the mouth is rinsed with water.

He advised to follow the recipe twice a day, with the need to brush the teeth with the paste after getting rid of the turmeric residue accumulated on the teeth to remove the yellow color from it.

sage leaf:

Grind the sage leaves and add fine table salt to them.

Rub the teeth with the recipe to resist decay, whiten the teeth, and freshen the mouth.

Mint leaves:
Crush green or dry mint leaves and mix with a little olive oil

The mixture is placed on the toothbrush and the teeth are rubbed inside and out.

Bay leaves:

Grind a few leaves of bay leaves and mix with crushed orange peels, and add a few drops of coconut oil to them.

Rub the mixture on your teeth for a few minutes.

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