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Consequences of intermittent fasting on World Diet Day

On May 8 of each year, the world celebrates “World No Diet Day,” which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, highlight the concepts of diet, and warn against harsh and unsafe diets.
Dr. Natalia Pavlyuk, a Russian nutrition expert, points out that diets often have a harmful effect on health. Therefore, according to nutritionists, the diet should not impose strict restrictions. That is, a person should focus on choosing whole, nutritious and delicious food.
According to her, there are general nutritional recommendations, group nutritional therapy, popular diets and personalized ones.
She says: “For most people, the diet in itself is not a comfortable psychological factor. Because it does not bring any benefit to the body, because the majority choose unbalanced diets that lack the necessary nutrients and calories. This, in fact, exacerbates the situation. Because the thing is The main thing here is eating habits. If there is no change in eating habits, and if the person does not recognize food, his weight increases again.”
According to her, people gain excess weight due to excess calories. Intermittent fasting, which many people follow, has negative consequences.
She says: “Intermittent fasting consists of eating food during only 6-8 hours and not eating anything in the remaining hours of the day. But in reality, this method has no justification, and it is a burden on the body. It has become clear that those who follow intermittent fasting suffer from gallstones.” And problems in the digestive system, meaning that it has serious consequences.”
It emphasizes the necessity of eating three main meals a day, including snacks.

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