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Cristiano Ronaldo shirt

The sales of the famous Cristiano Ronaldo shirt “No. 7”, which he will carry again with Manchester United, reached about 200 million euros, within just 8 days after it began to be sold in the official stores.
The cost of one jersey for Ronaldo ranged from 80 pounds to 110 pounds (about 150 dollars), according to the newspaper “Daily Mail”.
With this number, the Don shirt became the best-selling player in the Premier League in a short period of time.
Manchester United also earned 13.1 million pounds from sales of Ronaldo’s shirt, exceeding the value of the player’s transfer from Juventus to the Red Devils (12.9 million pounds).
Tonight, Ronaldo is preparing to start his second journey in the ranks of Manchester United, who left him in the summer of 2009 heading to Real Madrid, to spend nine years among his ranks, and then move to Juventus for three years, before his emotional return to Old Trafford, a stronghold. Red Devils”.
If Ronaldo is expected to participate in a confrontation against Newcastle United in the fourth round of the English Premier League.

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