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Cyrine Abdel Nour supports her compatriot Elissa

The case of the star Elissa with the “Watari” company was the focus of attention of the public and the stars, who launched the hashtag “Elissa’s Right,” demanding judicial justice.
The star Cyrine Abdel Nour was one of the first stars to support Elisam through a tweet on the “X” website in which she said: “I mean, I don’t understand the laws and who has rights over me, but I know that the artist needs people to stop him and not fight and conquer, especially since the artist is an important factor in his career.” It has become a useless waste of time. A solution must be found! Without a long history, Elissa deserves all the love.”
In addition, press sources confirmed that “the dispute between Elissa and Watari Company is not limited only to the ownership of the YouTube channel and the interaction it contains, but rather the issue relates to the Lebanese star’s financial rights and financial returns, and the ownership rights to her own songs, advertisements, and the new album, and thus if the Lebanese star agrees.” Upon handing over the awaited album to Watari, the issue will be resolved directly and definitively.”
Elissa succeeded in turning her problem into a public opinion issue, after she requested the intervention of the judiciary, confirming that there is someone taking over her channel without any basis or right. She said in a tweet, “I saw a decision against the company to hand me over my YouTube channel and from the civil judiciary, and it did not respond, today and after.” Investigations took place for weeks. A public prosecutor decided to hand over my channel and the law was applied. The company owner arrested me and refused to even implement the public attorney’s order

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