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Cyrine Abdel Nour with an international story

Syrian director Marwan Barakat began to win the success of the series “Secret” and “Challenge” in the part that began about a week ago, where the role of the tournament Stephanie Soliba and the name of a singer and a group of Syrian representatives progressed by Mr. Bassam Kosa, who gave the first part, a broader audience, as well as ATO and Carmen and Wusam Hanna. Where the director Marwan Barakat is currently negotiating with a production company that refuses to be renamed in the preparation of a very huge project involving a group of artists and Syrians and belongs to the joint drama, and is writing a British writer from Arab origin in another cooperation will be collected Marwan Prakato is the matter of the matter of Sam Kusa and British writer. Hope and the names of the work after the nomination is still in the process of nomination, while the British writer said that the British writer asked or suggested the name of the star Abdul Nour to share a heroine at work, but until today, the name is still between taking a response, at a time when everyone seeks to authorize a team A stories for a story that appears to be universal and deserves more study, both for the working group or a huge budget that has been developed to implement this project expected to see the light in Ramadan 2023. 

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