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Damascus: Assad’s last trip to Russia was one of the best visits

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad revealed that Damascus enjoys “unlimited” support from Russia in the fight against terrorism and the completion of the state’s control over the country’s territory, calling on Turkey to withdraw its forces from northeastern Syria.
Al-Miqdad also made this statement in statements to a Syrian newspaper published by the Syrian Foreign Ministry today, Sunday, in response to a question about the outcome of the recent meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, especially whether there is information in Damascus that Ankara is close to withdrawing its forces from Idlib Governorate and the road to Idlib. International “M4”, in accordance with the agreements concluded with Moscow.
The minister said: “I am not revealing a secret when I say that the recent visit of President Bashar al-Assad to the Russian Federation was one of the best visits, and we do not disagree at all with our allies in the Russian Federation on the priorities that we both have to share in the face of terrorism, and in the face of terrorism.” Anything that contravenes the Charter of the United Nations and impedes the control of states over their national soil.”
He also stressed that Russia’s support for Syria is unlimited in this field, saying: “This terrorism that strikes in Syria and in other regions of the world may strike the Turks and may strike other countries, and it must be resisted, and based on these principles, we believe that it is time for Turkey that it must To withdraw from the northwest of Syria and to allow a solution that guarantees normal relations between Syria and Turkey after the end of this occupation, which impedes any progress in any field of cooperation.”
Al-Miqdad called on the Turkish leadership to be aware “before time is too late and time is not in its interest, and that Syria will do everything in order to liberate its land, whether it is in sound ways or in ways that the international community knows well.”
He continued, “I think that the Turkish people are well aware that their historical interests with Syria are more precious and loftier than the alliances that Erdogan has forged with armed terrorist organizations for outdated ideological purposes, and they must be ended.”

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