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Damascus: Israeli aggression against Aleppo attempt to jam diplomatic movement

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates confirmed that the Israeli aggression against the Aleppo International Airport and a number of areas around the city of Aleppo yesterday were part of a series of Israeli attacks on vital civilian installations, including Damascus and Aleppo International airports, the commercial port of Latakia and scientific and cultural centres.

In a statement, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said: “These aggressive Israeli policies are nothing but a miserable attempt to confuse the region’s papers and muddle the ongoing diplomatic movement aimed at restoring security and stability, and in an effort to turn back the clock and breathe life into plans that have become of the past.”
It added: “Syria cautions against the continued perpetration of these attacks, and renews its demand that the United Nations Secretariat and the Security Council break their applicable silence and fulfil their responsibilities under the Charter, put an end to Israeli aggressive policies, hold perpetrators accountable and ensure that they do not recur.”

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