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Davutoglu: America supports terrorism in Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Saturday accused the United States of supporting terrorism in Syria, calling on Washington to abandon its “wrong” policy in this country.
During a joint press conference with his Venezuelan counterpart Felix Placencia in Ankara, Cavusoglu commented on the US extension of its sanctions against Turkey, noting that the United States is cooperating in Syria with the (Kurdish) People’s Protection Units (YPG) and provides them with “great support”, while The PKK (of which Ankara considers the People’s Protection Units a part) is considered a terrorist organization. Cavusoglu stressed that this situation is a “crime under US law.”
The head of Turkish diplomacy also denied that fighting ISIS is the real purpose of the United States’ presence in Syria, saying: “We know very well that the purpose of being there is not to fight against ISIS. We fought ISIS. The only army fighting against ISIS is our army in NATO And in the world.”
Cavusoglu added, “America supports a separatist terrorist organization that is trying to divide Syria… Instead of blaming Turkey, it must first abandon its wrong policies. It must also be more honest with the American people and the American Congress.”

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