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Days after a similar incident in Aleppo, an apartment building collapsed in Jordan

The Directorate of Public Security in Jordan announced that the rescue teams managed this afternoon to reach 3 bodies of people under the rubble in Al-Weibdeh Building in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and they were evacuated, bringing the outcome of what was dealt with in the accident 13 deaths and 10 injuries. Within four days of the evacuation, while the last people known to be under the rubble, a woman was located and work is underway to get her out.

The directorate confirmed in a statement, that “the rescue teams are still continuing their work in full force to reach all the besieged.”

The General Directorate had been informed of the collapse of a residential building in the Al-Weibdeh area in the capital, Amman, and it turned out that it was a 4-storey building that collapsed on another one-story building, noting that the estimated total number of residents of the two buildings is about 30 people.

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