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De Mistura appointed as UN envoy to Western Sahara

Algeria welcomed the decision of the United Nations to appoint Staffan de Mistura as a special envoy of its Secretary-General to Western Sahara, and directed new criticisms at Morocco against the background of this conflict.
The Algerian Foreign Ministry also said in a statement issued by its spokesman and published today, Thursday by the official Algerian News Agency, that it “records with interest” the decision to appoint de Mistura to his new position, praising his “characteristics, personal merits and recognized professionalism.”
In addition, the Algerian Foreign Ministry pledged to support the efforts of the new UN envoy, expressing its hope that “these efforts will contribute to the actual and serious resumption of direct negotiations between the two parties to the conflict, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front, with the aim of reaching a solution that guarantees the people of Western Sahara the free and effective exercise of their inalienable right.” There is no limitation in determining his fate.”
On the other hand, he stressed, on the other hand, the ministry held Morocco responsible for the delay in succeeding de Mistura’s predecessor, German Horst Koehler, who submitted his resignation from the post of UN envoy in May 2019.
Algeria believes, according to the text of the statement, that de Mistura’s appointment “came in a very deteriorating and risky context, because it is characterized by the resumption of hostilities after the sudden breach of the ceasefire by the Moroccan occupation forces, which maintain their illegal presence, since November 13, 2020, in the region.” The buffer zone in Karkarat, in flagrant violation of the military agreements signed by the two parties and ratified by the Security Council.
The ministry stressed that the demilitarization of this region, in accordance with the relevant agreements, constitutes the cornerstone of any credible political process aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the conflict.

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