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Dead and wounded in several armed operations in Syria

A number of Syrian citizens, both civilians and military personnel, were killed in several military operations and targeting in several areas of the country.
Syrian media sources said that four people in the southern province of Daraa were killed by two attacks carried out by unknown persons, in the cities of Inkhil and Tafas in the countryside of the province.
An officer was also injured when an explosive device planted in his car exploded in the town of al-Naima, east of Daraa, and a woman was wounded after being targeted by direct fire in the city of Nawa.
In the central city of Hama, the director of the military housing branch was killed by a bomb in his car.
Four people were also killed while searching for truffles in the east of the governorate.
In Homs province, 5 soldiers were killed in an attack by ISIS.
Six Syrian civilians were also killed in the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus yesterday.

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