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Despite stardom, stars are thinking of retiring

Various positions of the stars revealed in media interviews or their accounts on the social media about the thinking of some of them about retiring from the artistic work, despite their great stardom

The Lebanese artist, Cyrine Abdel Nour, surprised her fans with the possibility that this would happen soon, which provoked wide reactions from her fans, who rejected the mere thought of Cyrine Abdel Nour in such a decision, which comes amid important artistic successes for her at the level of participation in dramatic works in the recent period, and reactions The positive aspect of the series “Al Ain in the Eye”, which she co-starred with with the artist Ramy Ayyash, which came after a long period of preparation for it, while the Lebanese artist was also able to record a strong presence in the world of singing through a group of successful works.

Tamer Hosni, despite his great successes at the professional level in terms of his cinematic works and also the concerts in which he participates continuously and is awaited by a large segment of his audience, not only in Egypt but also in the Arab world, he also made it clear that the idea of ​​his retirement from artistic work is completely possible and that thinking about it has been present for a long time on According to his description during his meeting with the “Yalla Social” program on Abu Dhabi channel.

The Egyptian artist’s speech sought to clarify it further, as he confirmed that this decision is postponed during this period due to his quest to achieve some new dreams in the next stage, but his retirement and thinking about it will remain present and strong. The list of the highest-grossing Arab films during the recent period, and he also released a new album titled “Ashanji”, which he presented to the public for the first time at his concert in El Alamein in Egypt.

Despite the successes, Iman Al-Sayed wants to leave the acting profession

Iman Al-Sayed, the Egyptian artist, also revealed her desire to retire from the artistic work after a successful career and distinguished roles that she presented in many of the works that she participated in starring, as the Egyptian artist published through her account on “Facebook” a short message in which she confirmed that there is an urgent desire to leave the profession, and the position came The Egyptian artist, despite her great success in the works she presented, in addition to her strong presence in all of the dramatic, cinematic and theatrical works.

As for the reason for the artist Sulafa Mimar’s thought of retiring from art, she also referred to the idea of ​​retiring from the artwork during an interview with a Syrian radio station. Drama, where she participated in the series “Haret Al-Qubba”, “Beirut 303”, and other important works.

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