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Details of an unprecedented economic crisis.. How is the Israeli government financing its war on Gaza

A report issued by Bloomberg revealed that the Israeli government is working to obtain more financial loans by selling treasury bonds to investors in order to finance the costs of the war on Gaza, and that the government will have to sell very large quantities of bonds this year to cover the costs, according to what was reported. The report is from officials in the Israeli Ministry of Finance.
Also, the financial crisis may force the Israeli government to borrow from local markets in shekels, in addition to selling more bonds in foreign currency, which has become more complicated for the first time since its establishment, especially after Moody’s reduced the rating of Israeli government bonds, which is reflected in Significantly more than its value.
Moody’s, which specializes in investor services, announced the day before yesterday, Friday, the downgrading of Israeli government bonds from level A1 to level A2, and the reduction of the credit rating, with a negative outlook, especially if the war with Hezbollah expands.
Bloomberg also quoted an official at the specialized company Meitav DS Investments, expecting that the total debt issuance will reach about 210 billion shekels ($58 billion) during the current year 2024, an increase of nearly a third over last year 2023.

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