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Did Asala intend to announce her marriage?

The artist, Asala Nasri
She previously described herself as “interested in details”, and it seems that her audience has the same character, as most of them stopped in front of the timing of the Syrian star’s announcement of her marriage to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, as he agreed on the same birthday as her ex-husband Tariq Al-Arian, and some of them confirmed that Asala deliberately postponed the marriage announcement despite the contract The marriage took place a few days ago, to coincide with this memory that she had always celebrated, and on the other hand, Nicole Saafan returned to the fore after she practically denied rumors of her separation from Al-Arian and deliberately confirmed that they live in a romantic atmosphere.

Asala’s audience, after celebrating her marriage to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, circulated publications confirming that Asala chose the birthday of her ex-husband to announce her marriage in order to erase from her memory this day on which she wrote over the past years dozens of romantic messages, and some of them indicated that the marriage contract took place 3 days ago. At least from the declaration of authenticity.
At the same time, social media pioneers circulated a new photo of director Tariq Al-Arian with model Nicole Samaan, some claimed that it was taken recently on the occasion of his birthday, while others confirmed that it was taken at least two months ago, and they relied on Al-Arian’s presence in home isolation after it was confirmed that he was infected with the Corona virus.
Nicole Saafan celebrates Tariq Al-Arian’s birthday – photo from her Instagram account
Some suggested that Nicole decided to respond to the announcement of Asala’s marriage, by publishing her photos with Tariq Al-Arian in preparation for the official announcement of their marriage, after it was confirmed that the relationship between Asala and Tariq ended forever, and Nicole also published a photo through her official account on Instagram, in which she wore the same shirt that Tariq wore. Al-Arian during Amr Diab’s concert in Dubai.

At the same time, Asala fans claimed that Tariq Al-Arian unfollowed her account on Instagram a few minutes after announcing the news of her marriage to the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, and others indicated that all these events may be just a coincidence, and demanded that Asala be given the opportunity to start a new life with her husband Faeq, And not to link every behavior between her and her ex-husband Al-Arian.

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