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Did Fadel Shaker leave his hideout in Ain al-Hilweh and how does he record his songs?

Press reports from Lebanon stated that the Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker was previously forced to leave his home during the clashes that took place in the recent period between Fatah movement militants and extremist militants in the Ain al-Hilweh camp, where Fadel is hiding from the Lebanese official authorities under judicial rulings, one of which amounts to 22 years in prison. .

Yesterday, the “Al Fan” website, which specializes in celebrity news, revealed information it obtained stating that Shaker returned to his home in the camp, which he had left during the confrontations. The house was exposed to gunshots and shrapnel as a result of the confrontations that the camp witnessed, but according to the site’s information, he did not leave for the city. Sidon, as rumors say.

Fadel Shaker is preparing to complete the songs of his album, “With Ghayb Bil Mazajah,” which he records in a studio he specially prepared in his home, as he cannot leave the camp that is outside the authority of the Lebanese state agencies, and his artistic activity has been limited since the year 2018, when he returned from artistic retirement, which he announced in the year 2012 on social networking sites. Socially, away from parties and festivals due to stalking.

Shaker was convicted of incitement against the Lebanese army in the events of the town of Abra in the Sidon countryside, where the group of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Assir (currently imprisoned), whom Shaker is accused of financing, attacked a Lebanese army checkpoint, killing 18 soldiers and wounding others. He appeared in one of the videos supporting the attackers, and while Shaker was able to He escaped to Ain al-Hilweh camp after eliminating Ahmed al-Asir’s organization and arresting him, to be sentenced in absentia to several prison sentences, the last of which was 22 years with hard labor, and a fine and stripping of his civil rights.

While Shaker denies his connection to any of these charges, which he describes as political, information has spread about his efforts to reach a settlement that will remove him from Lebanon.

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