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Did Saad Lamjarred marry?

Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred is always trying to restore his normal life, waiting for a final conclusion of the problem of accusations he has faced since 2017 until today.

It seems clear that all of these issues will be resolved soon if the French judiciary responds and approves the judgments of the cases attributed to the owner of “Int’amalem”; It is also clear that Lamjarred had a relationship with his wife for years.

The news of Lamjarred’s marriage topped the social networking sites with a girl named Ghaithah, and it was said that the relationship he had with her had been going on for years, and she would have stood by him in adversity, which means that she understood Lamjarred’s situation and transformed over time from his supportive lover to his wife.

This news provoked blessed reactions to the abstract for his choice of Ghaith, and it was said that their marriage actually took place in the French capital, Paris.

Finally, it is mentioned that Saad Lamjarred will perform concerts soon between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Arab festivals, especially after the success of his recent lyrical release, which received a good listen and follow-up.
Is marriage folded just because of issues that have been pending for years in the drawers of the French courts?

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