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Dima Sadek, Nadine Njeim, and a war of words

Nadine Nassib Njeim’s comments no longer go unnoticed by some followers and pioneers of social networking sites

Some followers launched an attack on Nadine Njeim because of her response to a user, while others supported and defended her.

Nadine had tweeted a series of tweets on her Twitter account, in which she was talking about the earthquake that struck Lebanon. In one of the tweets, Nadine wrote: “An earthquake hit Lebanon. Yesterday, I felt that there was something strange and I did not sleep yesterday at night.” He said, “Look what you eat at night before you go to sleep.” Her reply came with a scavenger

Among the attackers of Nadine’s tweet was Dima Sadek, who commented: “If?? Even? A Lebanese actress uses the profession of “scavenger” as an insult? It is very shameful that the level of awareness, humanity, feeling and culture is so low among people who influenced millions of fans. Of course, it is taken for granted that there is no Something insulting in any profession, what is insulting to the human race is that there are people who think in this way.”

My dear, you are always accustomed to insults and insults. You feel that you have value. My head does not carry me anymore. I was raised like this, especially if someone insults me in a very ugly way. And the scavenger is the one who dumps his dirt wherever he is and his soul is dirty. The one who cleans what is called garbage, and I don’t give it garbage because I’m going to hurt him like this, they taught me at school.

Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya defended Nadine Njeim

In comments, she attacked Dima Sadiq and wrote: “To the broadcaster defending the scavenger, and to the attackers of Nadine Nassib Njeim, in the Lebanese Slang, by saying that you are scavengers wholesale and retail. Scavenger is a phrase used by all of Lebanon secretly against those who attack him, but when Nadine says it publicly, it becomes a crime. Damn hypocrisy and show-off, and curse your watch.”

While the user refused the artists’ use of phrases that she described as vulgar, and said: “With all due respect to all artists.. I am against the fact that the artist writes or pronounces my streets on social media.”

Journalist Enas Karima commented and considered that “Nadine Njeim’s reaction, in my opinion, is a great fall for the representative of most people who follow her.. There is no room for insulting people with a word related to a profession! All professions are honor, and enough is the halal bite of the sweat of the brow!”

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