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Disagreements that hinder the development of Turkish-Israeli relations

Among Israeli officials, there are major differences that will be at the top of the agenda of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, which will be discussed during his visit to Israel.
Israeli officials said that the Turkish Foreign Minister’s visit to Israel will focus mainly on developing relations between the two countries.
The officials also made it clear at the same time that the visit would not end with an official statement about the return of ambassadors to the two countries, as expected, but perhaps it would be about “cautious normalization,” as they put it.

They also noted that Israel decided that it was appropriate to give this opportunity until there was evidence of a real change in Turkish policy.
They stressed that Turkey’s desire to resume relations with Israel can be seen by ending its opposition to Tel Aviv’s joining NATO, and by dealing with it in international arenas.
They noted that Israel is interested in building a roadmap for developing relations with Turkey in economic and other fields, and in return for holding a conversation on issues of mutual interest.
Erdogan’s previous statements and his support for the speeches and attempts to escalate Hamas will be at the top of the Turkish Foreign Minister’s agenda, because in Israel they link the presence of Hamas in Turkey to progress in relations and the return of ambassadors.
With regard to the Palestinian issue in Israel, they believe that the Turks should decide where they want to put differences on the Palestinian issue, in a place that does not allow the development of relations with Israel, or in a place that can.

The issue of aviation agreements was also discussed. Israel wants to reach agreements that allow Israeli companies to land in Turkey and reach security understandings in this regard.

Israel will also make clear that the development of relations with Turkey does not contradict the development of its relations with Greece and Cyprus, as well as cooperation on the issue of energy, as Turkey seeks to present a proposal to establish a gas pipeline between the two countries.

Davutoglu’s visit, which is the first since (Foreign Minister) Ali Babacan’s 2007 visit to Israel, comes two and a half months after Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to Turkey, where the focus will be on the topic of “raising Israeli-Turkish relations to the level of ambassadors.” During the talks to be held by the Turkish Minister in Israel.

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