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Discovering a major disaster through a traffic accident

Through a traffic accident that occurred on the (Homs-Tartous) road, a large smuggling operation was revealed to transport huge quantities of narcotics, with about two thousand kilograms of narcotic hashish, and more than 3 million Captagon pills, according to the Ministry of Interior.

The Syrian Ministry of Interior stated that after the deterioration of a Toyota pickup truck on the (Homs-Tartous) highway, west of the Zara bridge, a patrol from the Public Roads Police Station in Tal Kalakh went to the place, and it was found that the vehicle contained a large amount of narcotic substances, so a patrol was called from the Anti-Moqafa’a Branch. Narcotics, Traffic Branch and Tel Kalakh Police Department.

The ministry added that the person who was on board the car was arrested and the narcotics were confiscated, which were hidden in large bags with three bombs and a military rifle magazine. Arrested to the center of the Drug Enforcement Branch.

According to the figures, the amount of narcotics confiscated amounted to one thousand nine hundred and seventy kilograms of hashish and three million two hundred and seventy thousand Captagon pills.

The ministry also confirmed that investigations are continuing with the arrested to reveal all those involved in the case to take the necessary measures against them.

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