Discovery of a strange space object

Astronomers announced

the discovery of a strange space object in the constellation ophiuchu, which is a double star consisting of two tiny brown dwarfs estimated to be 3 million years old.

Clemens Fontaneev, from the University of Bern, Switzerland, and one of the authors of the article published in The Astrophisical Journal Letters, said: “The Hubble Laboratory helped us discover the two young brown dwarves.” Hubble showed that the atmospheres of both stars are 430 light-years from Earth. It only contains traces of water. As for their surface, it acquired a red color. “

One of them is 15 times the mass of Jupiter. As for the last of them, its mass exceeds Jupiter by only 8 times, and they are 200 astronomical units away from each other (one astronomical unit equals the distance between the earth and the sun).

It is noteworthy that stars originate in bundles formed by gas and dust that compress with the passage of time, which causes the outbreak of thermonuclear reactions in them, and experts’ calculations indicate that these interactions break out inside space objects whose nucleus is 73 times the weight of Jupiter.

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