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Disruption of transportation in France

The Minister of Transport and a number of public transport authorities in France said on Sunday that strikes and demonstrations in protest against the planned government amendment to the pension system will lead to severe disruption of public transport again on Tuesday.

The unions are calling for a general day of strikes and demonstrations for the sixth time since the beginning of the year, with the aim of repeating the large turnout enjoyed by the first major protest on January 19, when more than a million people demonstrated against the amendment of the pension system.

As Transport Minister Clement Bonn said, there will be very strong consequences.”

He added that he expected the strike to be “one of the most difficult” for travelers since the start of the protests.

Where President Macron is pressing for the implementation of this amendment, which will raise the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64, saying that this is very important to avoid the collapse of the government retirement system.

The strikes have already limited electricity generation at some of the French Electricity Company’s nuclear plants.

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