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Do you break the partnership between Fares Karam and Rotana?

Although he released his new song, “Hallah, Hallelujah, Donya” on the Rotana Audio Company, it seems that things are not going well between Rotana and artist Fares Karam, and Karam is seriously considering breaking up with the Saudi company for many reasons.

Fares Karam was excluded from the “Trio Night” party that was held in Riyadh on New Year’s Eve, and was not justified, especially since he is affiliated and a friend of the company, while many wondered about his absence and very few singers who deserve to participate.

All of this did not prevent Fares Karam from issuing his new lyric and Rotana this time, despite the divergence of views between him and those in charge of the company, and the information said that many questions Fares Karam does not find answers to, including why he was excluded or not participating in concerts held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia While some of his colleagues salute more than one ceremony and in a short period of time.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Fares Karam, performed two concerts in Beirut on New Year’s Eve, and met with a large audience.

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