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Doubts about Britney Spears: Did she cheat on her husband with a house cleaner?

Page 6 website revealed from its source that the American singer Britney Spears (41 years old) was having an affair with her employee, who is one of the wanted criminals, and that this may have happened before her recent separation from her husband, the actor and model of Iranian origin, Sam Asghari (39 years old). .

The intended employee, Paul Soliz (37 years old), was appointed to Spears’ home about a year ago and was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors, and collecting garbage around her mansion located in California. He has legal problems in Mexico related to several violations and crimes, including possession of a firearm and disorderly conduct. Public and public safety, exposing children to danger, and driving without a license.

The newspaper quoted another source as saying that Spears did not cheat on her husband, that her relationship with Soliz came after her separation from Asgari, and that Spears expelled Soliz from her home after learning of his criminal past.

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