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Doubts dealing with the US Chief of Staff with China!

The White House announced that reports of calls between the US Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, and China after the January 6 riots, are unconfirmed and of limited content.
The content of a new book, “Beryl”, written by “Washington Post” journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, has raised doubts about Milley’s connection to China, as the book included talk that Milley held secret meetings after January 6 at the Pentagon to ensure that former President Trump could not launch an attack. Soldier.
The White House said President Biden knows General Milley well and has confidence in his leadership and loyalty to the Constitution.
A spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colonel Dave Butler, confirmed that all calls by General Milley, including those reported, are coordinated and communicated with the knowledge of the Department of Defense and the joint agencies.

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