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Dr. Edmond Melhem Bound by Belief: Sa’adeh’s Quest for a New Future – Part II

By his declared oath, Sa´adeh brought a possible future into existence. This future was not an impossible dream, but rather a new worthwhile, attainable future to which he committed his life and put himself at risk. He devoted almost his entire time and energy to achieving his ‘noble’ mission and generating a new future. He expected that his efforts combined with those who believed in his mission would lead to a better future. Indeed, it is widely acknowledged that the only guaranteed way to accomplish great deeds and make a dream come true is through tedious effort and hard work. This claim is ascertained by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, who states: “Without effort, a great vision will remain just an unfulfilled dream. No worthwhile goal has ever been attained without strenuous, meaningful labor.” Similarly, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee argue that “great leadership comes as a result of hard work.” They add: “It requires discovering our own noble purpose, living it every day, and being fully aware of ourselves and other people as human beings – mind, body, heart, and spirit.”
Sa´adeh cultivated a special kind of hope in the mindsets of his followers and always reminded them to keep a firm conviction in their hearts and not to lose their hope for tomorrow. This hope was a yearning for a better future that had nothing to do with luck, but with free will, true determination, passion, perseverance and responsibility. His relentless pursuit and his willingness to fight for his vision risking his life led historians of modern Arab political thought to comment on his dedication, strong determination and energy in pursuit of his mission and goals. Majid Khadduri is one such historian:
From the start and unlike other leaders of his time, Sa´adeh demonstrated absolute sincerity to his mission. He devoted all his energy and time to spread his principles, paying no attention to any personal advantage or benefit. He considered himself, like earlier prophets, a man with a mission whose duty is to spread it whatever the cost might be. Syria has never seen, during its modern history, a leader like him distinguished with this amount of conviction, enthusiasm, strong personality and charisma.
The well-known contemporary historian Abu Khaldun Sati’ al-Husari had the following to say:
I cannot help but declare my great admiration for the energy and devotion of Sa´adeh, and my appreciation of most of his reform principles. His political and social ideas, which he ably supports with sound and logical dogmas, deserve the greatest admiration.
For his part, Adel Beshara makes the following observation on Sa´adeh’s phenomenal energy:
He had an active and energetic life and was willing to take high risks and engage in self-sacrifice to achieve his vision. His dynamism dazzled his followers. It served to reinforce his image as an expert and increased subordinate compliance and faith in him. It also solidified their perception of him as efficacious in prosecuting the task he set for himself.


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