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Dr. Edmond Melhem – Building a Future with Antun Sa’adeh’s Moral Principles

Antun Sa’adeh has left us a profound legacy—a treasure of ethical principles that holds the potential to imbue our lives with meaning, happiness, and dignity. Embracing these principles can transform our circumstances and pave the way for a promising future and a sublime existence. Rooted in moral integrity, these principles aim to eradicate the causes of our people’s suffering and uplift our national life.

Sa’adeh believed that principles exist to serve the well-being of people and society. He insisted that true principles must actively contribute to the vitality of the nation’s life. His ethical framework was meticulously crafted to elevate our moral standards and establish a society characterized by decency, goodness, and beauty. These national principles, he emphasized, are not merely ideals on paper; they are intended to serve as a dynamic force that unites our people and focuses our collective energies on the Syrian national cause.

The national principles of Antun Sa’adeh offer solutions to our challenges for several reasons:

  • Firstly, they authentically reflect our national identity and social realities.
  • Secondly, they form the bedrock of our national unity, freedom, independence, and sovereignty.
  • Thirdly, they promote social cohesion, solidarity, and cooperation.
  • Fourthly, they nurture and celebrate our talents, skills, and creative potential.
  • Fifthly, they call for unwavering loyalty to the nation, prioritizing national interests over narrower concerns.

Embracing Sa’adeh’s principles holds the promise of transforming our society by eradicating corruption, securing our homeland, and safeguarding it from foreign interference. It envisions a secular, democratic state that upholds justice and rejects oppression, exploitation, and discrimination in all forms.

Let us embrace these moral principles wholeheartedly, assured that they will lead us toward a path of goodness, beauty, freedom, and victory.

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