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Drinks to burn fast

Drinks to increase the rate of burning include:-
Water: Water is an essential ingredient for burning calories, and adults need to drink the equivalent of 8 or more glasses of water. To reduce the chance of dehydration, dehydration, even in a small way, may slow down metabolic rates and burn calories.
Green tea: Green tea contains caffeine, as well as a compound called catechins that are believed to have properties that help boost metabolism.
Coffee: Coffee contains caffeine, which in turn helps stimulate and increase metabolism.
Ginger: It is believed that adding ginger to meals may help boost metabolism and control appetite.
Black tea: Black tea contains the same components found in green tea that help in losing weight, in addition to containing a high percentage of polyphenols, compounds that have strong antioxidant properties, which help reduce body weight.
Vegetable juice: Drinking vegetable juice may help reduce weight, if it is added to a low-calorie diet, and drinking vegetable juice increases the amount of vegetables consumed from the diet, and reduces the amount of carbohydrates ingested; Which may be beneficial for losing weight

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