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Drinks to treat stomach ulcers

Licorice This drink is considered one of the effective natural remedies for getting rid of various digestive diseases, most notably stomach ulcers in addition to duodenal ulcers; Because it contains many compounds and substances that have an anti-ulcer effect, it can be prepared by soaking a teaspoon of licorice herbs in a cup of previously boiled water, leaving it for ten to fifteen minutes, and drinking three times during the day.
Ginger: Ginger drink is characterized by its strong and effective effect on stomach and duodenal ulcers, thanks to the compounds it contains that have an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, and are suitable for the stomach environment.
Chamomile is widely relied upon in the treatment of stomach ulcers, and it is recommended by herbal experts as an important natural remedy to get rid of the aches and symptoms of stomach ulcers; This is because it does not contain any of the chemical compounds that medical treatments contain.
Potato juice has properties that have a strong effect on ulcers that appear in the stomach lining, thanks to the atropine alkaloid that has a role in inhibiting the secretion of stomach acid. It is preferable to drink potato juice once a day, taking care not to add any kind of flavoring or salt. This juice has a role in treating many other diseases such as joint pain, headaches, back, and skin rashes.
Carob The fruits of the carob are one of the plants that are used to prepare a drink that is important in treating stomach ulcers, by roasting them and soaking three teaspoons of its powder in the amount of three cups of water, and boiling the ingredients together, then drinking it after it cools once during the day, And for a period of not less than a week, with repeating the process if necessary.

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