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Dutch scientist Frank Hogerbets predicts earthquake in Egypt and Lebanon

The renowned Dutch scientist, Frank Hugerbets, predicted an earthquake soon in Egypt and Lebanon with a force approaching 6. 5 degrees on the Richter scale.
Hugerbets said in a video on his YouTube channel that “The peak of the full moon on 9-10 February will result in a strong tremor, up to 6 degrees between 10 and 12 February, that is, between today and Sunday, and that a number of aftershocks appear in the map of the area where last Monday’s earthquake occurred in Syria and Turkey”, as the map shows seismic activity in the south and south-east.
The Dutch scientist added that “Lebanon and Egypt are vulnerable to seismic activity, but it cannot be determined, based on seismic activity, whether it will take place next week or in the next five or 10 years, since predicting the date of the earthquake is impossible, we are using the location of the moon and possible climatic variations.”

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