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Earthquakes in Egyptian governorates, and astronomy responds

Several Egyptian governorates were subjected to strong earthquakes, which were felt by a number of residents.

Among them, Alexandria, at exactly four thirty in the morning, Wednesday.

An official statement said that he had received several reports from citizens that they felt clear tremors within Greater Cairo, adding that tremors resulting from construction work in the region were monitored through the stations of the National Seismic Network, adding, however, that the stations did not record any earthquakes in the region.

And last Friday morning, the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and a number of governorates were subjected to a severe earthquake, a few hours after 3 tremors occurred in the morning, and its epicenter was the Suez region, east of the country.

In view of this, Dr. Jad Al-Qadi, Director of the Institute of Astronomy, said that despite the receipt of some communications that an earthquake was felt, the stations of the national seismological network did not record any earthquakes.

He added, “The citizens’ feeling of any vibrations may be the result of construction work close to them, and it has nothing to do with any seismic activity.

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