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Egypt .. A State Security officer reveals a new scheme for a “new religion”

A former Egyptian official revealed that a new plan is being prepared in the kitchen of the United States of America, based on creating a new religion imposed on the peoples of the Middle East, known as the “Abrahamic religion”.
And the former deputy director of the Egyptian State Security Investigation, Major General Khairat, confirmed that “in a short period we all witnessed the normalization of 4 Arab countries with Israel (the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco) and all indications point to other Arab countries to come.”
It drew my attention to the use of the word “Ibrahimi” when signing the Israeli agreement with the UAE and Morocco in Trump and Kushner’s statements, and given my belief that every word that comes out of an official of the size of the two mentioned has an intended meaning, we must pay attention to the meaning of the word “Ibrahim.”
Shukri said: “There is a document titled “The United Abrahamic States” that is no less dangerous than the “Henry Campbell” document of the 1907 conference, which we have already referred to in a previous post, if not complementary to it.”
He added: “I do not mean by talking about the “United Abrahamic States” document to market it and contribute to its dissemination and circulation, as much as revealing the truth of what is being planned for us at the level of the region as Arab peoples, especially since the idea of ​​this document began to be implemented in 2013, i.e. from seven Only years, and that the application and implementation on the ground is taking place very quickly from my point of view, we have to deal with the document, even if it is an idea, in all seriousness. Later, the State of Israel, which has become a reality now.”
Shoukry pointed out that “the new scheme that is being prepared now in the kitchen of the United States of America is based on creating a new religion for the peoples of the Middle East, known as the Abrahamic religion, to be a solution to all the problems of the Middle East. All the problems of the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, came after The birth of Jesus Christ and the Muhammadan mission, that is, after the travel of the Prophet Ibrahim, the father of the prophets.
He continued, “This idea of ​​a “new religion” is meeting the growing interest in the kitchen of the United States of America, which seeks to impose it as a permanent solution to peace in the “new Middle East”, which is on the verge of realization.”
Shukri added that “the three monotheistic religions trace their lineage back to the Prophet “Abraham, the father of the prophets”, and the disputes lie over historical events, and most of them crystallize after the birth of Jesus Christ and the Muhammadan call, so from the “father of the prophets” came the idea of ​​”Abrahamic” and began to crystallize about thirty years ago in the states The United States of America, but it was taken seriously in 2013.”
He continued: “The idea of ​​the document may seem strange to our peoples, but how many conspiratorial plots against our region began to be strange and turned into reality. The Henry Campbell document began in 1907, and after 113 years it turned into a reality experienced by the region.”

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