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Egypt announces its demands to complete the “Gulf reconciliation”

Coinciding with the accelerating moves in the region with the instruction of the United States to accelerate the search for a solution to the Gulf crisis before the end of Donald Trump’s term, Egypt announced its position on this reconciliation as it is one of the Saudi alliance boycotting Qatar.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, declared his country’s readiness to support any efforts aimed at achieving Arab solidarity, pointing out the necessity for the Gulf reconciliation to be based on specific principles.

Shoukry said, “There is a development that has occurred during the past days, with a framework for understanding to resolve the issues that led to this situation, and we are always ready to deal positively with everything that achieves Arab solidarity and removes any amount of tension.”

Shoukry stressed the need for the desired reconciliation agreement to be comprehensive, “taking into account all the factors that led to these situations, and ensuring for Egypt and the Quartet countries that there is an appreciation of the importance and dedication of principles relating to relations between brothers,” according to his statements.

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