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Egypt demands Washington to reopen the Rafah crossing

Egypt will submit to the United States a document containing its demands to reopen the Rafah crossing, while other reports indicate that Israel accepts the participation of Palestinians in managing the crossing.
According to the report, the document will include an unconditional Israeli withdrawal from the Rafah crossing and its surroundings, and the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip without restrictions.
This comes after a high-level source confirmed that Egypt confirmed yesterday, Saturday, to all parties its firm and based position not to open the Rafah crossing as long as Israeli control over the Palestinian side remains.
Israeli media reported that Israel and Egypt agreed to reopen the Rafah crossing to transport humanitarian aid to Gaza, and within the agreement, Israel no longer ruled out the possibility of the Palestinians managing the crossing.
Today, a tripartite meeting is being held in Cairo between Israeli, Egyptian and American security officials, after Israel informed Egypt that it is ready to withdraw its army forces from the crossing and place them in a further location in accordance with operational considerations, according to the Makan website.
In the same context, the American Al-Hurra channel quoted an informed source on Sunday as saying that Cairo “tends to accept the presence of a European mission” to operate the Rafah crossing from the Palestinian side, while Israel wants the presence of “a United Nations mission with the participation of a Palestinian party acceptable to it.”
The source added that Egypt’s position is based “on the fact that the European mission was participating in operating the crossing within the framework of the crossings agreement in 2005, and that it has the technical readiness to resume the entry of aid as soon as Israel withdraws from the crossing.”
The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, had previously stated that the request for the presence of a European mission at the Rafah crossing was being studied, but he conditioned this demand on a ceasefire in Gaza.

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