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Egypt denies Biden’s words regarding the Rafah border crossing with Gaza

The Egyptian presidency commented on the statements made earlier by US President Joe Biden regarding the closure of the Rafah border crossing with Gaza from the Egyptian side.

Earlier today, Friday, the Egyptian presidency issued statements confirming that from the first moments of the war on Gaza, Cairo opened the Rafah border crossing on its part without restrictions or conditions, and mobilized large amounts of humanitarian aid from within Egypt and from all countries, holding the Israeli side responsible for closing The crossing was bombed four times, which hindered the entry of aid, and Cairo later bore the burden of rehabilitating it.

The Egyptian statements came in response to what US President Joe Biden said yesterday that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi did not want to open the crossing at the beginning of the war on Gaza, but he (i.e. Biden) convinced him to open the crossing, as well as convincing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do so.

According to the Egyptian Presidency’s statement, Cairo has endured countless pressures and burdens to coordinate the process of entering donations, and is in intensive contact with all parties for this purpose. It revealed that 80% of the aid that reaches Gaza through the Rafah crossing is provided by the government and the Egyptian people.

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