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Egypt.. Details of the law issued against the Muslim Brotherhood

The Egyptian media revealed details about the law on dismissal by other than the disciplinary path, known in the media as the law on the separation of the Muslim Brotherhood, after the approval of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
Article 3 of the decision stipulated that without prejudice to the provisions of Article 1 of this law, the Administrative Judicial Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate requests submitted by employees of the entities referred to in Article 1 of this law, in an appeal against final decisions issued for dismissal by other than disciplinary measures in accordance with the provisions of this is the law.
The court may order compensation instead of rescinding the contested decision, for reasons it deems that the public interest requires it.
Without prejudice to the constitutional guarantees established for some groups in the face of dismissal from office, the provisions of this law apply to workers in the units of the administrative apparatus in the state, namely ministries, government departments, local administration units, public bodies, agencies that have special budgets, and workers whose employment affairs are regulated by laws or Special regulations, employees of public sector companies, employees of public business sector companies, and entities addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Law.
The reasons that called for amending Law No. 10 of 1972 regarding dismissal by other than disciplinary means to preserve Egyptian national security, to combat corruption and to enhance the values ​​of integrity and transparency in order to ensure the proper performance of the public function and the preservation of public money, were also in accordance with Article (237) of the Constitution. Which states: “The state is committed to confronting terrorism.” It also aims to enable the administrative apparatus and state-affiliated entities to perform their role, in response to the requirements of the state and society for administrative reform, which is at its core and its ultimate goal to provide the best service of the highest quality to the Egyptian citizen.

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