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Egyptian artist Mostafa Fahmy accuses his wife of stealing his father’s house in Cairo, and the latter reveals what he did to her

 The media office of Egyptian actor Mostafa Fahmy issued a statement accusing his ex-Lebanese media ex-wife, Faten Moussa, of storming his father’s apartment in Cairo, accompanied by a number of people, and stealing some of its contents and some documents from the house, and that he filed a lawsuit against her in this regard.

Mrs. Moussa had suddenly announced that she had received the news of her divorce in absentia when she was in Beirut attending her sister’s engagement, a party that Mustafa Fahmy had intended to attend as well, but he apologized for her after the security tension that took place in Beirut following the events of Tayouneh, and then later learned of her divorce from the communication sites. She was surprised when she returned to their home in Cairo, hiding all her personal belongings.

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