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Egypt’s role in the prisoner negotiations between Hamas and Israel

Egypt once again repeated its warnings against putting pressure on
Palestinians displaced to the south of the Gaza Strip.
Meanwhile, Israeli sources saw that Cairo is seeking to advance negotiations aimed at concluding a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas, with the aim of influencing Israeli movements in Rafah, according to what the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported on Thursday.
With increased talk about the imminent Israeli army storming the area located in the far south of the Palestinian Strip, Israel began formulating what it described as “new broad lines that will form the basis for negotiations with Hamas.”
Two sources familiar with the progress of the negotiations said that members of the Israeli mini-security cabinet will receive a summary of the talks from the negotiating team during an expected session today.
Initial discussions on this file (prisoner exchange) began at a meeting of the War Cabinet last Sunday about new ideas to break the deadlock in the negotiations.
It is expected that these proposals will be presented in more detail at today’s meeting, according to what an Israeli official told Axios.
While another Israeli official explained that the members of the negotiating team were tasked by the Israeli War Council to formulate and present the best possible proposal.
However, the official said, “These are internal Israeli discussions, and this does not mean that there is an offer on the table from Hamas or the mediators.”
This comes as more than a million Palestinians, displaced by the Israeli attack that has been ongoing for half a year across the rest of the Gaza Strip, are taking refuge in the city of Rafah, adjacent to the Egyptian border, and they say that the possibility of displacement again terrifies them.
While Israel began preparations on the ground to invade the city, where it believes the last Hamas cells are located. Some satellite images showed white tents erected in the city of Khan Yunis, which were not visible before.
An Israeli Ministry of Defense official indicated that the ministry purchased 40,000 tents, each of which can accommodate between 10 and 12 people, for the Palestinians who will be transferred from Rafah.
The Israeli army had publicly confirmed that it was ready to invade the city, but was waiting for a green light from the political leadership.
While a spokesman for the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his country “will move forward” with a ground operation in Rafah, but he has not yet set a timetable.
A number of observers expect that the transfer of the displaced from Rafah will take a few weeks, but the United Nations as well as several Western countries have warned Tel Aviv against invading the city, pointing out that there are no safe places in the entire Strip.

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