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Elisa breaks her silence

The Lebanese singer, Elissa, revealed, after the differences that occurred between her and Sherine Yousry, the organizer of the charitable party, which was scheduled to be performed by Elisafi Beirut, on Thursday.

Where Elissa said in her statements, I always did not respond, I did not respond, but when the issue is related to the picture, I must respond.

This and she defended a point that we show: “Sherine Yusri came to me to perform a charity event in Lebanon and we agreed on the terms of the organization and others. I told him I will not sign the contract until I am sure of your words about the organization because it is not my habit to perform two concerts in Lebanon in one season, especially in light of difficult economic conditions.” .

The Lebanese artist also indicated: “I was surprised that he offered tickets at prices that were not agreed upon and that did not fit the economic situation in Lebanon, and when he began to upset the terms of the agreement, I asked him to stop the concert about a week ago, but he did not respond and continued preparing for the concert.”

In response to Yusri’s allegations that only 7 tickets were sold for her concert, the Lebanese singer confirmed that her friends alone bought 50 tickets to support Lebanon, and she made it clear that she does not sign any contract until she is sure of the goodwill of the person holding the party.

On the other hand, Elissa’s response came after Sherine Yousry’s statements about what happened, especially since he said that his agreement was not primarily with Elissa, but with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, and tickets were not sold.

Sherine also commented on the dispute with Elissa: “For us, we have nothing to do but that “One Night for Lebanon” and Elissa were the ones who spoke to the hotel where the party was going to be held, but she said, “I inform and delete the poster.” Canceled, and I was a regular supplement, and she must show any agreement or email that proves the opposite of this.”

While the Lebanese artist had written a tweet through her Twitter account, during which she announced that she had canceled her charity concert, which was scheduled to be held in her country on September 15, to collect donations, hoping to meet on other charitable occasions.

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