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Elisa responds to Sherine Abdel Wahab

The Lebanese star Elissa responded to the words of the Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab about her, and Elissa published a composite picture showing her on one side while offering her greetings to her fans, with the comment: “What people see when I go on stage.” What does Shireen see?

Elisa said in her tweet: “No grudge, though.”

Sherine Abdel-Wahhab had said: “Elisa loves her clarity, she is very clear, and I don’t like hours if she sings with a sense, as if she is holding people’s checks.”

And Sherine talked about Nancy Ajram, Najwa Karam, and Haifa Wehbe, and she said: “Nancy is beautiful and in her condition, and she has never spoken of someone who is a monster, and the monster in her is that she does not ask about me sincerely.” She added: “Everything in Haifa is sweet, generous, and very diligent.” And I don’t like her nervousness.

On the authority of Najwa Karam, Sherine said: “The whole devotion, beauty and elegance, with her love and her heart are beautiful, and she does not change from anyone and focuses on herself more.

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