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Elisa stays away from the media

She was chosen among the world’s most influential celebrities on Twitter, however, the Lebanese star Elissa announced her temporary disappearance from the site, because she felt negative energy from her followers, and this is unacceptable according to her description, and Elisa confirmed that negative energy is the only reason for her absence from Twitter, and there is no other reason to prevent it. to rumors.

As Elisa tweeted through her documented account on Twitter, saying: I will disappear for a while from Twitter for a while, because the negative energy that exists, especially from my followers, is not acceptable. Peace from now until we meet.

I will disappear from twitter for a while, because the negative energy that exists, especially from my lovers, is not acceptable

Some also suggested that the disappearance was due to the real reason for Elisa’s preoccupation with preparing for her new album, Me and Bass, from which she released the first song, Ana and Basam, confirming that she will release the rest of the songs during the coming period, but Elisa returned and confirmed that the only reason for her absence from Twitter is her feeling of “negative energy.”

It is also mentioned that Elissa celebrated a few days ago her presence in the list of the 50 most influential people from world celebrities on the Twitter platform, according to the Brandwatch rankings, where she ranked 40, advanced 7 ranks from her last ranking last year, and confirmed that she is the only Arab artist present in the global list.

Where Elissa celebrated, at the same time, the arrival of her new song with the artist Saad Lamjarred, “From the First Minute”, to 250 million views, and she also expressed her happiness at the arrival of her song Batmon to 100 million views that she released 15 years ago, and Elisa wrote on her Twitter account, saying: “100 million for You have millions and billions of love from me

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