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Elissa defeats Ziad Burji

The Lebanese judiciary issued its final ruling in this case, after months of back-and-forth between the artist Ziad Burji and the artist Elissa, about the song “I Was Bass”, which Elissa released earlier, written by the poet Ahmed Madi and composed by Ziad Burji, and the problems that followed between the two parties.
According to what Elissa announced, the judiciary’s decision was in her interest, as she won the lawsuit she filed against Ziad Burji and Ahmed Madi, as she wrote in a tweet on her Twitter account: “After the Lebanese judiciary is fine with the presence of honest and honorable judges, the truth is clear, “I am only” “to me Just!!
Where Elissa continued: “All thanks to my legal representative, Attorney Mark Habakah, who believes in my case and my right, and defies falsehood and restores my right,” concluding her tweet by saying: “Nothing is true but what is true.”

On the other hand, the office of the artist, Ziad Burji, issued a statement expressing his surprise at the decision of the wheel, especially since he had not been informed of the existence of a lawsuit in this matter.
The statement also stated: “There is no doubt that the hasty decision that we reached today was surprising to us, since we were not informed of the existence of any lawsuit in this matter, and we were not heard or stated in our defense. As a result, all decisions issued in this way are temporary decisions, and the lesson is in the conclusions

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