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Elon Musk poll H against him

After sorting the results, users of the American Twitter platform, “Twitter”, today, Monday, unanimously agreed that the billionaire, Elon Musk, should leave his position as head of the social networking site.

Where 57.5 percent of respondents to the poll, which Musk put forward, approved of his exit from the post of president, while 42.5 percent rejected the idea.

More than 17 million users participated in the survey.

This was Elon Musk confirmed that he will abide by the outcome of the vote.

Elon Musk also caused a lot of controversy after acquiring Twitter for $ 44 billion, and the last thing he raised was closing the accounts of journalists on Twitter because of their criticism of him, a step that raised serious concerns with the United Nations.

This was Musk, who funded Twitter management on October 27, repeatedly raised controversy, fired half of its employees, reintroduced far-right figures to the platform, banned journalists, and tried to charge fees for services that were previously free.

Analysts pointed out that the share price of his electric car company, Tesla, has fallen by a third since his acquisition of Twitter.

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