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Elon Musk talks about the real corruption in Ukraine

American businessman Elon Musk spoke on his Twitter page about the decision of a number of Western countries to supply Ukraine with heavy tanks.

Where the site owned by him told his followers: “No one likes the Russian (military) operation, but how does that compare even with the decrease in bloodshed?”

In response, a user with the nickname Eva Fox objected, “If Ukraine does not defend itself, the bloodshed will certainly not stop.”

Musk replied: A strong argument. However, this all reminds us of real corruption at the state level. The basic question remains: What is the realistic path to peace?

Musk, the owner of the short tweet platform “Twitter”, also said that the site’s policy prevents him from changing his name on his official account.

Where this came after Musk changed the name of his personal account to “Mr Tweet” on the platform, so that the followers were surprised by this new change, after he saw that it was the most appropriate for him.

Musk also commented in his tweet on this matter, saying: “I changed Elon Musk’s new name to Mr Tweet, and now Twitter will not allow me to change it again.”

On the other hand, Bill Gates, unexpectedly, described the Ukrainian government as one of the worst in the world.

The billionaire noted that the Kyiv regime is “corrupt and controlled by a few wealthy people.”

He also took pity on the people of Ukraine, where “the farmland is better than in the United States.”

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