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Europe draws more than 70 percent of its gas reserves

Today, Russian company Gazprom announced that European countries have used more than 70% of the reserve gas pumped during the summer from underground storage facilities in the region.
“According to the Association of Gas Infrastructure Operators of Europe, as of 22 January, the volume of active gas in European underground storage facilities decreased by 26% from last year,” the company said in a statement via its Telegram channel.
European countries had withdrawn more than 70% of the volume of gas pumped during the summer season.
On 22 January, the extraction rate was 71.8%, or 34.3 billion cubic metres of gas, and reserves are 1.85 billion cubic metres below the minimum date. “
It noted that the level of stocks in gas infrastructure facilities in Europe since 11 January “has moved to a region with record lows over several years.”

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