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Europe is preparing to defeat Biden

Today, Monday, the media revealed that European officials expect a change in Washington’s approach to relations with Brussels, if Biden loses the upcoming US presidential elections.

An EU official said: “There is close and unprecedented cooperation and coordination between the European Union and the current US administration. The European Union realizes that this cooperation is not taken for granted, and this approach may change when someone like former US President Donald Trump appears in the White House.”

And Kevin Clowden, senior analyst at the Milken Institute, said: “The European Union and the United States will face a difficult relationship if the Republican candidate assumes the presidency. The Europeans fear that the United States will stop supporting Ukraine financially and militarily.”

The US presidential elections are scheduled for November 2024. In November 2022, Trump announced his entry into the presidential race. According to the latest NBC poll, about 46% of US Republican voters would support his candidacy if the primary elections were held now.

Biden also officially announced in April that he would run for a second term to “finish what he started” and launched a campaign website. If he succeeds, he will be 82 years old at the start of his second presidential term.

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