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European meeting to discuss new sanctions on Iran

The Council of Foreign Affairs of the European Union will meet today, Monday, to discuss the recommendations of the European Parliament to impose new sanctions on Iran in response to the suppression of protests and the role it plays in supporting the Russian military operation against Ukraine.

This meeting comes after the European Parliament voted in favor of the decision to include the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in European terrorist lists and submitted its recommendation in this regard to the Federation Council.

However, European sources confirmed to a reporter that the decision will probably not be discussed among European foreign ministers at the current stage.

In turn, the European Union’s foreign policy official, Josep Borrell, said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards cannot be included on the list of terrorism without a decision from the European judiciary.

Borrell added that the judicial decision is a preliminary condition for the inclusion of any entity in the sanctions lists, and he made it clear that a court in an EU member state must issue a concrete legal conviction before the bloc itself can move in this regard.

However, Borrell confirmed that the European Union will ratify today a package of additional sanctions against Iran.

Last week, the European Parliament called on the Union to include the Revolutionary Guards on the list of terrorist entities, accusing it of being responsible for suppressing protests inside Iran and for providing Russia with drones.

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