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Exciting news for those who constantly lose their things… artificial intelligence will find them

Google is working on developing a new tool in the smartphone that can remember the place where the user left his personal items, such as glasses, keys, a handbag, and other personal possessions that a person may lose in his daily life, without remembering where he put them, as some take longer. Searching for things and sometimes completely failing to find them.
The idea is to make the phone’s camera see everything around it to make it remember things around it, so that the user can ask it about a specific thing and he will receive the answer immediately.
According to what the newspaper reported from Demis Hassabis, head of the artificial intelligence department at Google, the tool can understand the complex and dynamic world and respond to it just as humans do, and it can also absorb and remember what it sees and hears to understand the full context, and that the additions would make it learnable and the user can Talk to her naturally. The voice assistants have been improved so that they become more natural.

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