Strikes a nerve

Existence – Part Twelve

Existence Series 12

When a chill of warmth sneaks to you !!

And you live inside the ice !!

Some sound leaks out to you !!

You have a smell !!

You get the mess of things !!

Your lips are excused from a smile that was stolen from you by force !!

Here you are regaining your right to it without realizing !!

When you see fire in front of you !!

You enter it on purpose !!

Interact with the details of the fire !!

And it becomes a part of you !!

She voluntarily abandons the Constitution of Caution !!

You practice the act of insanity by mistake !!

Break the utensils of the past !! As if you were just born !!

She touches hand lines for the first time !! But!! As if you were born from her and her !!

He comes from the bottom of the poem that pulls you out !!

To write you asceticism in its letters !!

Trying to falsify the truth !!

Longing to kill you !!

The curse of reality challenges you !!

But you go !!

Dancing between the point and the comma !!

Fear disappears between the tab and the word !!

Trying in vain to own yourself !!

Death awaits you !!

Or is the fire waiting for you !!

Or see it life !!

No difference!!

Death is equal to life as fire is equal to ice !!

Do you master fire dancing ??

Or does the ice of words kill you !!


When a morning consists before you of ether The lazy passion for light tickles you with a special culture !!

Be reconciled with your heart !!

Reconcile with your body !!

The aether’s vibrations begin !!

You master the art of poetry while you are stripped of words !!

You can color miracles in your hands !!

Your lips go crazy !!

You have an illogical neigh Quench the thirst of years from the word mantra !!

What is between you and reaching the embers of the letters !!

The sails of no return are launched !!

Shake off the dust of unemployment from your body !!

You are opening the bitch of the future by force !!

You get involved in a dream like crazy !!

Keep away from the warmth in fear !!

But the gravity of the sky cancels the gravity of the earth !!

The shyness of reality cuts you in half !!

Half is practicing today for weakness !!

And a half practicing a dream about hunger !!

And you are a stranger to yourself !!

How to resist the temptation to belong !!

(Existence was a series that accompanied us for a year … Existence was the title of the year 2020 and when I started my first article on existence, I did not realize that the horizon of existence will accompany me to more and more depth of meaning, and thus existence was a complete general title)

Every person has a special area of ​​existence that differs from his existence, because in reality we inhabit places while others do.

Silently ignore today what is publicly written tomorrow

Happy New Year with a new title and a new series in 2021, which is belonging

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