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Expanding the “Caesar Act” on Syria … who is the real target?

The Caesar Act is still the magic wand through which the United States of America tries to achieve its goals through it in Syria, and it is no longer hidden from anyone the magic of this wand and its direct reflection even on the daily lives of Syrian citizens, although its legal content does not really target civilians, but rather has become the magic word In which some Syrian officials found their misstep to justify their failure to fulfill their responsibilities.

So the Syrian citizen has become confused about who is the real target that raises Caesar’s magic wand in his face. It is true that America identifies the people concerned with its penal code by name, but it also specifies the companies that are covered by the punishment, which affects in real terms and on some aspects of life inside. Syrian ..

Today again, America raised the Caesar’s baton in the face of the Syrians, as the US envoy for Syria affairs, Joel Rayburn, announced that the United States intends to extend the validity of the “Caesar Act” to include non-Syrians.

During a hearing in the US House of Representatives, Rayburn said, “As for the issue of imposing sanctions on non-Syrians under the Caesar Act, we will of course expand the validity of the law to include these persons in the future.”

The US envoy also did not rule out imposing sanctions on Russian citizens and Russian parties under the “Caesar Act”, considering that Washington’s goal is to deprive Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of foreign support, expressing his conviction that the US sanctions have an effect on the parties abroad that are considering the possibility of restoring Economic relations with Damascus.

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